Ursula Ruddy Shamanic Healing in Bow and Hackney, East London

Testimonials from people I have worked with

“ I contacted Ursula to see if she could help me shake some deep emotional trauma that I was holding onto from childhood. Basically my father whom I adored was also an alcoholic and although I have a happy and successful life I was definitely still carrying it into my adult life and it affects my relationships with men. We did some very deep work and Ursula was kind and sensitive and gentle throughout. I was crying a lot, and I told her some things that I have never told anyone, and some unrelated things came up that I didn’t even know I was still carrying. She really held the space for me and I felt really safe with her. It was really cathartic for me. She uses many different methods and did a journey for me first to see what would be best. She was a bit apprehensive when she described what she had been guided to use for me but as soon as she started explaining it to me I knew exactly why we where doing that work.

It was really amazing. I feel much lighter as a result and I definitely feel that it is helping me process it and she also recommended a great therapist for me too. I’m so glad I contacted her. I think I will be having more sessions in the future. Thankyou Ursula!” Tara RZ Hackney, 2021

"Thank you Ursula, your capacity to facilitate deep healing is incredible. The way you work is so intuitive and powerful and I am truly impressed by your capacity to hold space for others. You are such a fierce and fearless healer! Many deep rooted issues have emerged in our sessions and my work with you has been helpful in navigating difficult times in my life and helped me heal (myself and my relationships with others) - in ways I never expected!" CM. London 2020

“Ursula is a fantastic practitioner and provides a very safe space, she is intuitive and empathetic without being obtrusive, her extensive knowledge enables deep work and healing to take place.” MOR, London 2020

"I have had the privilege of having appointments with Ursula in shamanic healing, reiki and massage and every time it has been magical. Ursula is a woman full of incredible energy, love and power. Her treatments have been so meaningful and transformative that I asked her to perform a ritual for my son's naming day which she then so thoughtfully created and carried out. It was a very very special experience. I can't recommend Ursulas work highly enough. " LB, London 2020

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